Month: August 2017

The 13 Best Organic Shampoos (That Actually Work)

Crafting an organic shampoo isn’t quite as easy as, say, growing an organic cherry—namely because from a technological standpoint, not all ingredients essential to shampoo can be certified organic. Some brands, of course, have tracked down the elusive USDA organic certification, while others have done their very best, pairing a majority of organic additives with […]

11 Lip Stains That Really Stay Put

Lip stain might sound like a lipstick gone wrong—stain???—when in fact, it’s a formula gone very, very right. The best can vary in opacity (sheer and just-bitten to completely impenetrable), finish (high gloss to low-watt matte), and texture (solid, liquid, or gel), but will have one common attribute. These babies are going nowhere fast. Ahead […]